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Apr 26, 2019

Inspirational and creative thinking mum of three Amber McCue made the change from consultancy to owning multiple successful 7 figure businesses and is generously sharing her knowledge with us today.

Speaking all the way from Ethiopia where she is currently travelling, fundraising and residing, Amber is passionate and about giving her community the insight and experience on how to move business forward in the current economic climate.

In This Episode

  • How to scale intimacy with your clients
  • Spotting the right opportunity
  • Deepen your relationship with your community
  • What kind of seller do you think you are
  • How to utilise your feedback

“What’s the experience I can take people through” - Amber

“Leverage tangible skills to monetise further” - Jess

“How can I start to make people feel incredible” - Amber

“Where you are now doesn’t define where you are going to be” - Jess

“How to maintain experience, ask for feedback and do something with it, it’s an opportunity to do something better - Amber”

“We’ve become really afraid to differentiate” - Jess

The Dotties

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