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Jul 20, 2018

Jess is changing things up on the Smart Leaders Sell Podcast! This episode is part of a new series that will showcase successful entrepreneurs, and how their sales process has evolved over time! Jess is excited to bring Tina Leigh McDonald back to the show for this in depth look into the growth of her business, and the lessons she’s taken away from it!


In this Episode

  • Tina started off selling what no one was buying
  • Joining the Dotties and being completely open and honest with the group
  • Changing the audience instead of the product or service
  • Taking risks and losing friends to do what you love
  • The big world beyond likes on social media, and the rush that comes with it.


“It’s more important to be selling what you’re passionate about” - Jess

“You naturally look at yourself with things go wrong” - Tina

“I’d given myself ‘til Christmas to make some money” - Tina

“What do I want to do? Who do I want to serve? How do I want to sell?” - Jess

“I don’t have to search for credibility anymore. I post something and the right people see it” - Tina

“What people want is the truth” - Tina


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