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Apr 27, 2018

On this episode of the Smart Leaders Sell podcast, Jessica welcomes Melanie Coleman to the show to exchange animal stories! Just kidding. Melanie comes from a corporate background, and decided to apply the skills she learned in corporate and then leaving it to help other women transition away from their jobs and into their own business and entrepreneurial ventures.


They share their thoughts on the security that's offered by corporations and working for someone else, and what happens when that's no longer as attractive as it once was. With job security becoming less ans less certain in the public sector, entrepreneurship is becoming more appealing to people who want to make a brighter future for themselves.


Her question: How do you create an evergreen signature program and still create the desire for people to sign up for it?


In This Episode

  • Job security, the cons of the current corporate environment, and the perks of entrepreneurship.

  • Why it's virtually impossible to have a million dollar launch once a year.

  • Delivery of the signature program, and why it matters

  • Why most people should start marketing organically first

  • The motivational journey of a one to one client

  • Why it's necessary to cap the amount of calls you offer

  • Is it better to do a live webinar or a pre-recorded webinar during launch?


“The only person you can really rely on is yourself”

“In some ways it is easier to be an entrepreneur”

“Why not make it happen on your own terms?”

“The model itself does not work until you get to a certain level”

“Sometimes you make mistakes and you have to let those mistakes run”

“Client delivery is the most important thing”

“There's no such thing as cookie cutter strategy when it comes to business”
“You are not responsible for other people's success”

“Sometimes you just need to drop an F-bomb”


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