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Dec 24, 2018

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It’s Christmas Eve!! I love everything about Christmas Eve and one of the things I love most is Midnight Mass! It signifies a great time in my family complete with singing hymns and giggling at how awful we sound. It’s also a time for reflection, and I’ve had a lot to reflect on this year. I’ve taken the time to compile a complete reflection of my year in the hope that you’ll do the same. A lot happens in a year and it can be too easy to discredit your progress, allow relationships to slip, and even put our businesses before other important elements of our lives. This year has taught me some valuable lessons and I want to share them with you. I want you to celebrate your wins, make time for friends and family, show your team love, and cheer for your clients’ successes. But before you do, click play and listen to what I’ve taken away from 2018

In This Episode

  • Why you want to be making bold moves
  • Taking fast, consistent action will get you big results
  • Some big wins from this year!
  • Am I running the business that I want?
  • The tough calls that have made the biggest differences in my business
  • Making time for your loved ones
  • Accepting my limitations and being open about it

“Shy kids do not get sweets”

“No was my word for the year”

“Some of my lifestyle goals have changed”

“We’ve all been guilty of prioritizing the business above everything else”

“When you’re building a business, no matter how successful it gets, you’re still going to have things you wish were different”

“We don’t always take time to celebrate the things that we’ve done well”

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