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Oct 19, 2018

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Helping passionate world changers to get out of their own way is what gets Clare Josa out of bed in the morning. She’s great at getting the work done, but not as confident in her ability to sell the benefits to her potential customers. I love talking about selling benefits, and it’s often a lot simpler than people think. If you’re struggling to communicate why people should buy from you, press play and listen to Clare and I solve it for you!

In This Episode

  • Thinking big and playing small
  • Enjoying the work, but not the selling
  • Thinking about why instead of how
  • The most powerful statement to determine your ideal clients struggle
  • Setting expectations properly to avoid refunds
  • Making it possible for your audience


“You can’t think yourself out of a problem that your thoughts created” - Clare

“What I’m great at is writing about the features and pretending they’re the benefits” - Clare

“This is why the product is going to transform your life” - Jess

“I don’t know what my dream life looks like as a buyer” - Jess

“What is relevant to them right now?” - Jess

“Sales pages aren’t important” - Jess

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