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Oct 22, 2018

**I am now over on the Selling To Corporate Podcast: Head on over if you are interested in adding a corporate revenue stream to your business**

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I was tired of putting on makeup to record videos. A podcast was the answer to my issue, and it was an excellent move for my business. Not only did this very podcast create a loyal group of engaged poddies, it also generates quality leads for my business. I’m excited to share my tips and tricks with you on this episode, and discuss why a podcast might be the medium for you.

In This Episode

  • What happens when video isn’t your medium
  • Podcasting: Should you do it? Should you not?
  • Podcasting can be more appealing than vlogs for content delivery
  • The interesting truth about selling on a podcast
  • Automation, experimentation and lead generation


“If you’re thinking of setting up a podcast, drop the ego, don’t worry about anything else, just worry about engagement”

“Like everything else in my business, the podcast needed to have an ROI”

“Podcasting is actually, statistically, really really great”

“When you do sell on a podcast, the conversion rate is much higher than when you’re putting it out there onto social media”

“Podcasting is still the untapped, unsaturated area of the market”

Podcasting That Pays

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