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Feb 16, 2018

On this episode of Smart Leaders Sell, Jessica welcomes techie extraordinaire Alessia Pandolfi to the show! She's the structural mind behind a lot of the big things we see online right now. From sales funnels, to tele-summits, Email marketing to webinars: it all requires a certain degree of technical know how, and someone who can design and construct it the way you need it, and have it work: That is Alessia's mission.


Her Sales Question: What are the most important elements when someone goes through a rebranding?


Jess brings up the first important thing to consider: what do you enjoy with your business, and what don't you enjoy? Chances are if you're enjoying something, and it gets results, you'll want to keep offering it to you clients.

She also tells of the transition period between serving the old clients, and getting the new ones, and how it can be a bit of a scary time. She talks about ways to tell if you're hitting it off with your target customer, and reasons why you might not be.

Finally Jess shares a bunch of different ways to ensure that your rebrand will get the attention that it deserves. She talks about things like podcast appearances, guest blogging and video collaborations, and how they can drum up a ton of opportunities to tell people about your new business direction: then it comes down to your sales process.


Jess' book hit #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She doesn't know I''m writing this, and I'll most likely hear about this, but I couldn't wait to share the good news with you! After all of the effort, tech nightmares, and sending the unedited version off to the printer: She hit #1 best seller!


Check out some of the amazing reviews and pick up a copy!





“It's just a good idea to test, and to have a plan B”

“The things that you've learned will change, and that will affect what you want to sell to other people”

“If we don't speak the same language as our ideal clients, they're not going to buy from us”


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