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Jul 30, 2018

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Jess is taking a breath after last week’s Summer Sales Challenge!! She’s in the process of gathering the results from the Challenge and her personal quest for the iTunes Top 100, but for now: patience.
Today’s episode is all about change, why you’re stuck, and how to help yourself and your business when it comes to your big financial goals.

In This Episode

  • Why cash flow is paramount in business
  • Cash injections. What they are, and why they are a game changer
  • Should you stop doing more?
  • The correlation between self-investment and others investing in you
  • The real cost of free


“Cash flow is a funny thing”

“How can I bring the maximum amount of money into my business with what I have right now?

“What are you doing more of that actually is not working for you?”

“When it comes to your sales strategy, you’ve always got to be open to change”

“If you don’t invest in you, how can you expect other people to?”

“Are you investing in solving my big problem?”

“Free has a much higher cost than money”

“Businesses run off impact and income. You need both to make it thrive”

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***The Winner of the Summer Sales Challenge is Jo Robertson***

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