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Oct 15, 2018

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Do you know what The Problem is? That one thing that is tripping you up in your sales process? I share 3 elements that can keep you stuck when you want to be making sales, and how to navigate them. I also give a look into my welcome email sequence, and what questions you want to be asking yourself to improve your sales.

In This Episode

  • I need more leads!
  • The email sequence Jess uses
  • Important questions to ask yourself?
  • Offers can be a big problem
  • Always be closing


“Sometimes it can be really hard to nail what the actual issue really is”

“How do you know if you have a traffic problem?

“You can always increase your traffic by going out and promoting more”

“One offer should solve one problem”

“Monitoring your close rate is really, really important”

Never Hear Another No On A Sales Call

More Jess!

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