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Oct 26, 2018

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Success Engineers Dino and Simon join me and talk about what you need to reach six-figure success with mental toughness. Having doubts is all part of the process when climbing to the big 6 figure mark, and the guys share stories from experiences in getting there. We also talk about taking risks, as well as having hope and confidence. It all falls under the category of mental toughness, something Simon and Dino know plenty about.

In This Episode:

  • Where does character and collaboration fit into the 6 figure success journey
  • Having doubts and how to engage with them
  • The biggest fears heading toward 6 figures
  • Failing and becoming a failure
  • Skills, tools and mental game
  • Creating a sustainably successful business


“I’m a big fan of looking for ways to collaborate, even when it looks like you are in competition” - Dino

“Trusting the process is fine, but knowing you’ve got a process you can trust is really important”- Dino

“You’re going to need to get back up when you fall over” - Simon

“Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s the ability to go toward your fears” - Simon

“Spend less time worrying about something you really can’t control” - Jess

“Failing is it not working out, failure is the label you attach to yourself at that point” - Simon

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