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Dec 21, 2018

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It’s always exciting to talk to people who tune in, and this week one of our Poddies is joining me and I’m super excited! Tammy Fink. In the modern world, social media makes it challenging to determine who is legitimate and who is just great at branding or marketing. Tammy happens to be great at the graphic design and creative elements, but is having a hard time moving into the sales, marketing and growth components of her business. She also wants to add a new element in, and wants to know how to balance staying in her lane, and doing all of the tasks that need to get done. To make matters more complicated, she’s being approached for the things that she used to do, and she’s wondering how to continue to provide those services without eating away at the time she’s dedicating to her new direction! I love conversations like this! She’ll need to do some planning, outsourcing and goal setting in the new year to get the job done, but at least she has a clear idea of what it will take to have the business she’s always dreamed of!

In This Episode

  • How online business is like standing on shifting sand

  • Using old branding with new messaging may not be working for you

  • What’s bringing you money now?

  • Project management tools to help you with your business

  • Context switching and busting the myth that all women can multitask

  • The benefits of coming into the online business space and having a corporate background

  • Planning out your work and your time off in advance

“I’m pretty sure you’re talking directly to me” - Tammy

“Because there is this low barrier to entry it can be very difficult to establish who is genuine” - Jess

“We want real, raw and authentic” - Jess

“Who can I hire to take some of the work off my plate?” - Jess

“I’m very creative, and shining things attract me” - Tammy

“My fantasy was not that I would work weekends” - Tammy

“The more hours I work, the more tired, drained and frankly, frustrated I am” - Jess

“The more you try and do sometimes, the less objective you can be” - Jess

“Instead of being all tied up in the wishful thinking, let’s actually plan something!” - Tammy

“If it’s not in the diary, it doesn’t happen” - Jess

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