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Dec 28, 2018

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Shoshana Chaim works in a really interesting niche. She helps people with a full range of health conditions to access the tools they need to help create improved quality of life. She helps people kick meds, get increase mobility, improve their environment and life overall! She’s seen amazing results, and has experienced some big changes within her industry that she’s overcome. But one thing has been nagging at her. How does she tell her audience that the group doesn’t work for her anymore, and how does she let them know where else to go? This is a bit of a tricky one, but we love making complex issues simple here on Smart Leaders Sell. Shoshana and I discuss what’s currently working for her, and how to shift the attention of her audience away from the big blue Facebook world, and into places like her Instagram, and her Newsletter.

In This Episode

  • Make sure people are ready to accept help!
  • How do I re-illuminate my Facebook group?
  • How to mitigate the demand of a group, and how to tell your audience
  • Changing the way the group operates in order to suit your life
  • When people invest, they implement.

“I’m driven by the carrot” - Shoshana

“Sometimes we do have to live it in order to understand it” - Jess

“The key is that I want to help people” - Shoshana

“There’s a very big difference between doing things you’re passionate about and doing things just because” - Jess

“You’ve got to build your own house on your own foundations” - Jess

“People just don’t know where else to go” - Shoshana

“We can all feel better again” - Shoshana

“You’ve always got to do it from a place that works for you” - Jess

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