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Jan 28, 2019

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I’ve been inspired by a recent sales call, and we’re in for a juicy episode. I was on a discovery call and the person I was speaking to told me that sales calls are really challenging, and talking to people about sales is really hard. That led me to think about why selling can be so hard for some of us, what the major obstacles tend to be, and how to get over them in order to have an incredible sales experience with your potential customers.

In This Episode

  • An interesting point on a recent discovery call
  • Why people stop enjoying selling
  • Why do you avoid selling in the first place?
  • Learning from negative sales experiences
  • Market research makes selling much easier
  • Finding the medium that works best for you

“A lot of people are afraid to sell”

“Typically when something doesn’t make us feel good, we stop doing that thing”

“Everybody has had a bad sales experience”

“When you have a good experience, you don’t tell that many people”

“When we’re afraid of selling we end up not actually selling”

“If you really can deliver what you are promising, you never ever need to be afraid of selling”

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