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Jun 1, 2020

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I’m sharing today’s podcast with the incredibly talented Helen Packham whom I have had the privilege of knowing both on a personal and business level for quite a few years now.

Helen is a leadership and business coach, she gives people the confidence to share their voice, to connect, to be visible and helps you to build awareness of who you are as a person.

We are having fun sharing really solid information and just making sure that you know exactly what you've got to do when it comes to crafting that next talk.

So if you've been thinking about becoming a speaker, or you've been thinking about stepping up onto the TEDx stage, or any other virtual in person stage, then I really hope you enjoy this episode, I really feel that it’s going to be a valuable one for you to listen to.

In this episode I’m discussing with Helen:

  • Stop being stunted in your visibility, how to connect with people and build relationships with confidence
  • Helen’s impact ratio, what it is comprised of and how it can effectively communicate and engage people in your delivery 
  • How you can connect on a number of levels  by storytelling and how it helps us to make sense of things we don’t really understand


‘The things that you focus on are the things that are going to make you more confident.’ - Helen

‘It's probably more key now than ever before for people to determine how they can get out there and how they can get their message heard.’ - Jess

‘It's still needed, the voice that you have, the message that you have, the impact that you want to have on the world is still needed. Even more so now.’ - Helen

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