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Jun 8, 2020

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My podcast today is about customer service, is it soon to be a long lost art through modern day ‘bots’ and automatic responders? Only time will tell but before I continue I have to address racial discrimination.

Discrimination of any kind has no place in my community.

To me, it doesn’t matter who you are, you will always be treated with the respect you deserve regardless of gender, creed, disability or race inside and outside of my business by myself and my team.

However, we all have to acknowledge that racism still exists, it is just another accepted part of society and that alone is so incredibly inhumane and sad. We all need to take responsibility, learn how to recognise it and learn how to better educate ourselves against it.

We need to learn how not to be ignorant, we all need to share our hearts and create an equal world, to make a better world which we can all be proud to be a part of. I have created a safe space in my community for anyone to share their thoughts and my team and I are being educated on discrimination. If you feel you would like to send me your comments or give constructive advice, I'm always open to changing things to make the world a better place in general.

Do you realise how much damage poor customer service can affect your business, do you feel that, as you have your ‘bot’ and other automations set up that there isn’t a need for customer service anymore, will you still get the sales you want, reach the higher profit margins?

I’m here to share with you why good quality customer service will never go out of date or be successfully replaced by automation systems.

People need to feel valued and looked after otherwise the only reviews your business will be getting will be negative ones regardless of whether you are absolutely brilliant at what you do.

Tune in today to hear more, I know it’s been a long episode and I appreciate you taking the time to listen to it and also perhaps to leave a review, we really do appreciate them

I’m sharing the following with you today:

  • How to create relationships with your customers making them feel valued and comfortable with the service they are receiving
  • The importance of treating everyone in the same manner, be calm, polite, concise, respectful and create boundaries your client will understand.
  • Leave your problems at home, the customer takes priority and doesn’t deserve to be on the end of your bad temper


‘I genuinely like and respect you. And I think that you care about my experience as a black woman in this white world.’ - Anonymous

‘Good customer service means that customers come back, it means the customers refer us.’

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