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Jun 15, 2020

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How are your sales calls working out for you? 

Are you a natural salesperson or do you find even the thought of picking up the phone quite hair raising?

You’ve spent an hour on the phone to a prospective client, leaving them feeling great about themselves and their business but, instead of clinching a sale, all you have gained is another new buddy? 

There are far too many obstacles which get in the way of actually converting a sales call which is why Jess is helping you to learn how to actually turn a prospect into a client on today’s episode. 

So, instead of supporting the person, determine how you are going to provide them with the clarity they need on the sales call to make their decision and to convert your call into a sale.

Jess is sharing with you:

  • Changing the sales mindset, sales aren’t sleazy anymore and haven’t been for about 20 years so move on, modernise them and get selling
  • How to manage your sales calls to gain higher sales conversion rates, structure your calls, make them transparent and give the prospective client clarity
  • Tracking your sales calls, work out how you could have directed the call differently, was it structure correctly, did you ‘unsell’ yourself, what went wrong and what worked



‘We have to start seeing the sales calls as a two way process, you have to want them as a client, and they have to want you as a coach.’

‘Our job is to give people the best option that is most likely to fit their need.’

‘Clarity is really powerful for people, rather than using information to help somebody gain clarity, we actually have to use questioning.’


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