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Jun 22, 2020

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How many balls can you really juggle in one hand? And, before you start trying, that was a metaphorical question! However, you can only multi-task so far before you do start dropping them and once that happens, it’s hard work trying to pick them up again.

It’s been tough, so tough for everyone the past few months, your daily routine may have changed drastically and certain commitments have been encroaching on your business leaving you with little time for maneuver. 

Which is why Jess has designed this week’s episode to help you to bring structure and clarity to your working week. Helping you to understand the most important activity of the day and sharing with you her free Daily Sales Activity Guide, this is an episode which will help you to get your working week back on track.

Jess is sharing with you:

  • Firefighting isn’t a healthy option and neither is context switching so learn how to maximise your time and add structure to your working week. 
  • Why making time for at least one sales activity per day will help you achieve the income results you want.
  • The importance of making that sales activity a priority, don’t waste your time on non revenue generating activities, make it the first action of your daily schedule. 


‘When we're looking at maximising our time, we have to actually structure or start structuring our weeks for success.’

‘We're constantly putting our brains under this stress. So timeout is absolutely essential to making sure your business is able to operate at high capacity the following week.’

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