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Jan 18, 2021

Following on from the last Smart Leaders Sell podcast where I shared my top tips on how to plan your first week back, I wanted this episode to follow on with how you can plan during these times when the world is a bit more challenging, and when you are coping with more than normal.

We are all aware that, for the foreseeable future we are in lockdown. External changes have been made out of your control, you may now be homeschooling or caring for relatives on a longer term basis. 

Your time constraints may have changed due to different commitments you now have so where does your business fit in and how can you still maintain it when life is pulling you in so many different directions.

This episode is designed to help you understand how to plan during challenging times.

I’m sharing with you;

  • Learning the meaning of self care and the importance of implementing it into your working day
  • Understanding the science behind the fight and flight responses, how they can affect your physical abilities in your business and the steps you can take to balance this out 
  • The importance of prioritising the practicalities in your business, sales activities, visibility/ branding and client expectation


‘In order to understand how we need to plan differently during times that are more time lunging, we have to understand why planning during adversity or challenging times is different.’

‘You can't beat yourself up about external decisions that other people have made for you.’

‘You've got to start thinking about how you're integrating self care into your life and what that looks like.‘

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