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Feb 1, 2021

**I am now over on the Selling To Corporate Podcast: Head on over if you are interested in adding a corporate revenue stream to your business**

**Have you ever considered starting a podcast? My podcast producer and I have put together everything you need to know to get your very own podcast off the ground! Check out Podcasting That Pays today:!**

It has been my absolute pleasure to have recorded 300 episodes of the Smart Leaders Sell Podcast for all you poddies out there and I have enjoyed and appreciated all the dog walks, runs and shopping trips you have taken me on as well as the lovely reviews and emails you have sent me over the past three years!

Sadly this is the last episode but you will still be able to catch up and listen to the other 299 on Libsyn and iTunes and any other podcast player that you have been using to listen on. My advice to you would be to start from the very beginning but feel free to email me if you need a recommendation.

Today’s episode is not just saying goodbye, I’m also sharing with you the future of my business, selling to corporate. If you would like to know more about this head over to my Selling to Corporate Podcast or send me an email.

Thank you again for tuning in each week and remember, it’s your business and you have to love what you are doing otherwise no one else will.

I’m sharing with you;

  • The key takeaways from the Smart Leaders Sell Podcast to implement in your business
  • Understanding how to stay focused and disciplined in the current climate
  • The importance of setting and completing your daily activities tasks
  • How you can create a podcast that generates leads which then can generate sales


‘If you want a business and not an expensive hobby, then you have to make sales and you have to prioritize sales activities.’

‘I'm disciplined in my own way.’

‘The only way you're ever going to make more money in your business ever, if you're not currently making the money that you want to make is to invest in your sales skills.’

‘I've always believed that the things that I choose to do, will pay off.‘

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